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Task-Based Risk Assessment Software

Making Safety a Profit & Culture Center

  • Risk Assessments are Required by OSHA & ANSI, RIA, ISO, NFPA, and UL Standards.
  • Factories, Integrators AND OEMs.
  • Determination of PL/Category for Verification, Design and Validation.
  • Fortune 500 adopted methodology.
  • 1000s of Safety Professionals can't be wrong.
  • Robot Fenceless, AMR, Collaborative and Power & Force Limited.
  • Cranes, ASRS, Lifts, Distribution Centers, etc.
  • Software is in strict compliance with ANSI/RIA TR R15.306, ANSI B11.0 and ISO 12100.

Robot Systems - All Types.

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Machine/Process - All Types.

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Material Handling Systems - All Types.


Robot Safety Center offers online and/or onsite training on how to use our Task Based Risk Assessment software. If requested, we will even conduct your robot risk assessment for you.


Approach to Making Safety a Profit Center

  • Developed by one of the world’s most experienced and talented user interface software groups.
  • Requires participation from all Safety Team members.
  • Continuous Improvement and Lessons Learned from ANSI/RIA committee members and clients.
  • Focus on accurate, easy and fast data entry.
  • Anyone who can use a browser can use this software – inclusion and ownership.



  • Developed by an elite team of safety professionals.
  • Developer backgrounds in robot, machine, process and material handling systems.
  • Software in strict compliance with ANSI/RIA Standards.
  • Entirely focused on making safety a profit center.