Newsworthy Events

6/8/2016 –Recipient of the 2016 Engleberger Award for Leadership is Dean Elkins, Yaskawa Motoman Dean’s strengths are his ability to Lead, customer relations, sense of humor and strong experience. Dean attracts talented and motivated people. He is the best example of our industry and a worthy recipient of the Engleberger Award for Leadership. Congratulations Dean.

3/24/2016 – Technical Report RIA TR R15.306-2016 Robot and Robot Systems – Safety Requirements – Task-based Risk Assessment. The newest Standard for task-based risk assessment has been released by the RIA. Safety Center Task-based Risk Assessment is current with this Standard.

2/15/16 - Technical Specification ISO/TS 15066:2016 Robots and Robotic Devices - Collaborative Robots. specifies safety requirements for collaborative industrial robot systems and the work environment, and supplements the requirements and guidance on collaborative industrial robot operation given in ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2. Safety Center Task-based Risk Assessment has this built into our software.