Machine Safety Center

Safety is everyone’s business and Machine Safety Center can make safety a profit center. All EHS Managers would like people to make robot and machine safety Everyone’s Responsibility, but they have a major obstacle – most people who should be participating in the safety process are not respected as valuable contributors. Safety Center software helps solve that problem permanently. The “Task” aspect of task-based risk assessment is the key. Please call for further help on this topic.

Machine Safety Center delivers the following:

Strict adherence to the following:

2 subscriptions per license at 2 levels –

Easy to use functionality that anyone familiar with a Web browser can use. Everyone on the Safety Team can view and use this software. You do not have to be an expert at Excel. This feature includes and gives respect to anyone on the safety team.

An easy to use Instruction Manual with links and pictures:

Our network of RIA Standards Committee members and RIA members are constantly giving us feedback for new ideas and occasionally on needed improvements.

Free updates and enhancements:

You can “Share” your task-based risk assessment(TBRA) with your customers while the robot cell or system is in development without giving up ownership of the TBRA. The customer will have the ability to notate and even add tasks or hazards.