About Us

Safety Center goals were focused and aimed at making task-based risk assessment as easy to do as possible. Part of that reasoning was why our software is in the Cloud. Don’t get us wrong, we have a Server version, but the Cloud is so much easier to deploy, develop and manage. It is clear now that Robot and Machine Safety Center software is a key tool for any Safety Program. Never before has the opportunity for inclusion been so easy. Safety Center has addressed the Task-based Risk Assessment need and we have leveraged Cloud technology to make the software roll out manageable in order to offer you the most advanced risk assessment software on the North American market place. Currently there is a lot of interest in how to make safety a Profit Center. We at Safety Center stand ready to assist you in your quest. Thank You for your interest, support and input. We are dedicated to continuously improving this key tool for making safety a profit center.

Safety Center Cloud

The Cloud helps Safety Center, Inc. manage keeping up with all standards as they apply to Task Based Risk Assessment and you will benefit from that effort as we offer a framework for reducing risk to an acceptable level. Safety Center Cloud based software will help you be more agile, responsive and competitive. Employees will be more productive on their favorite Android, iOS and Windows apps and devices – and help keep your company data protected. Through the Cloud, Safety Center connects every member of your Safety Team and organization to the data they need to make better decisions, faster. Safety Center delivers a business changing experience and helps develop relationships that are respectful, proactive and predictive across all disciplines including marketing, sales and service. You will be able to leverage your current infrastructure while using the cloud as a resource for scaling with flexibility. Safety Center software will enhance collaboration and business intelligence. We utilize industry-leading security and tools that work almost anywhere.